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Biologist Paul Ewald Says Germs, Not Genes, Cause Most Killer Diseases


More of My Old Articles: These are on the 2000 election:


Arab and Armenian Immigrants Gaining Clout

David Hackett Fischer on Bush's and Gore's Regional Roots

Last Hurrah for GOP in California?

Gerrymandering Makes State Legislature Races Important

Asian-Americans Move to Left

Even Bush Can't Lure Hispanics to GOP in 2000

Muslim & Arab Voters and the GOP

Bush Won 19 States with Highest White Birthrates

Does Diversity Make Whites Vote Republican?

Ron Unz and Grandmother Beat Bilingual Education in AZ

Inside Story of How JFK Won Illinois in 1960

Census: Asians Surge Ahead, Latinos Lag



2000 Articles by Me - No, check that, I mean a dozen articles by from the year 2000, never before online:



How to Tell If Your Sports Hero Is on Steroids

Kenyan Runners: Nature or Nurture?

Surprisingly, Gender Gap Widening in Olympic Running


The Politics and Science of Language and Speech

Can the European Union Be Multilingual and Democratic?

Are English-Only Laws Wrong?

Chomsky, Pinker, & Deacon on Bilingual Education

Does Al Gore Lisp?


Dynasties and Nepotism:

Bush-Gore Race Marks Return of American Dynasties

Political Dynasties Are Thriving

Nepotism: From "Gladiator" to the Clinton Clan



2000: The Five Billion Dollar Election

Compassionate Conservative Thinkers Pleased by Bush




California Politics: Two of my old articles never before on


Ward Connerly on the Lessons of Pete Wilson's 1994 Win

Racial Dynamics of Schwarzenegger's Recall Win



More of My Old Articles: 


Did Pim Fortuyn Have It Coming?

Black Illegitimacy Rates Decline, Others Rise

Los Angeles and the Apocalyptic Imagination

Is Bin Laden a Postmodern Transnationalist?



More of My 2003 Articles never before on


The Declining Diversity of Immigrants

Judge Posner on Hispanic "Rotten Boroughs"

Q&A with "Out-of-State Agitator" Ward Connerly

Spanish Retards Latino Pop Culture Influence



My 2003 Articles on Iraq Attaq & Public Opinion: Here are six articles I wrote while the shooting was going on in the spring of 2003 about public opinion. The first two are probably the most perceptive:


Why No Dancing in the Streets of Iraq?

Questions for Postwar Polls

Which Groups Support the War?

How Interested Is the Public in the War?

Support Up in Fighting Allies

If the War in Iraq Bogs Down...



My Mexican Border Trilogy -- Here are the accounts of my 2003 visit to the Arizona-Mexican border, where each year hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens enter the U.S. while hundreds die trying.


The Mexican Border, Naco-Style

The Border Hawk Drone Flies to Spot Illegal Aliens

Christian vs. American on the Mexican Border



More 2003 Articles never before on Lately, Google has been very, very good to my website, giving articles on high positions on the first page of its search results, so I'm posting a lot of my old stuff on Most of them seem to have held up pretty well.


2000 Census: Interracial Marriage Gender Gap Remains Big

Are Soldiers Mostly Poor and Black?

Saving Private Ryan: Women in Combat

African Ancestry Inc. Traces DNA Roots

Bush's Affirmative Action Supreme Court Briefs


Some of My 2003 Articles Now Available on for the first time:


The Future of Racial Quotas

Have the Genes of the World's Greatest Lover Been Found?

NBA-Level Height Is Now Spreading Globally

Few Atheists Found in U.S. Foxholes

Bill Bennett's Gambling in Perspective

Q&A w/ Jon Entine on Exploring Jewish History through Genes


More of my 2003 articles: 


Q&A with Gary Brecher, the War Nerd

Q&A with Charles Murray on Human Accomplishment

Baseball's Hidden Ethnic Bias

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steroids

Few Republicans in Hollywood


My 2002 Interviews:


Q&A with Steven Pinker on The Blank Slate
Q&A with Barbara Harris of C.R.A.C.K.
Q&A with John Gardner on School Reform
Q&A with Daniel D. Polsby on Gerrymandering
Q&A with Hernando de Soto on Fixing Mexican Corruption
Q&A with J. Michael Bailey on Science of Sexual Orientation
Q&A with Ron Unz on Bilingual Education
Q&A with Nativo Lopez on Immigrant Rights
Q&A with Kevin Roderick on the San Fernando Valley


Chronicles of Racial Confusion and Complexity: Here are some of my 2002 UPI articles on race, never before posted on 


The Diversity Diva: Halle Berry's Oscar Speech

Who Exactly Is Asian-American?

The Name Game: Inuit or Eskimo?

Denzel Washington as an Afrocentrist Hannibal of Carthage?

The Success of the Parsis Threatens Their Survival

How Racially Tolerant Are the British?

The New Genetic Understanding of Race:

Part 1: Race Is Not So Black or White

Part 2: How White Is the Average Black? How Black Is the Average White?

Part 3: What Happened to Mexico's Blacks?



More of My 2002 Articles not previously available on


The Problem with Polygamy

Biology at Work: Rethinking Sexual Equality

Stephen Jay Gould, R.I.P.

"Redshirting" Little Boys: A Kindergarten Arms Race

South Central LA, 10 Years after the Riots

That Curious Immigration Diversity Visa Lottery

Hernando de Soto's Plan for the World's Poor



More of my old articles: Readers seem to like my old articles when I dig them up and put them in a presentable format. So, here are a random sample from the first half of 2001. A few might be out of date, but most of my topics are of the more things change, the more they stay the same variety:


Why the French Ignore Darwin
The Science of Being a Nightclub Bouncer
A Win-Win Solution to Indian Team Name Disputes

The Web's True Digital Divide

Who Is Rioting in England?

Russia's Kremlin: Symbol of Survival

Canada's Experience with Bilingualism

Is Bilingualism Needed in the US?

Q&A with Ron Unz, Bilingual Ed's #1 Enemy

Book Review: Lives of the Statisticians: The Lady Tasting Tea

Book Review: History of Drugs: Forces of Habit

Latino Quarterly Probe's Bush's Mexican Millionaire Contacts

Is Linda Chavez Hispanic Enough?


My old golf articles: When it comes to golf, I write better than I play:


The Decline of the Black Golf Pro

The Decline of the Black Caddie

Sociobiological Roots of Golf Courses

Lesbians Flock to Nabisco Ladies Golf Championship

Sorenstam "will miss cut by four strokes"

Sorenstam or Wie as future of women's golf

Why affluent homeowners like environmentalism:

1. Revolt of the Range Rover Republicans

2. A Golf Course 30 Years in the Making

3. All Green Politics Are Local

The Golf Recession:

1. The Golf Recession

2. Why Golf Has Gotten So Expensive

3. Will Less Expensive Golf Courses Catch On?

4. Golf's Demographic Dead-End



My old music articles: A lot of people seem to like to read my old movie reviews, so here are some old rock music articles from 2001-2002:


Review of Shakey: Neil Young's Biography

Review of Heavier than Heaven, Kurt Cobain's biography

Why are rock bands so racially segregated? 

Surviving as songwriters: Q&A with Mann & Weil

Sir Elton welcomes Eminem into the celebrity cartel

The end of the singer-songwriter fetish

Joe Strummer, RIP

Where did all the catchy tunes go?



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