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Articles on Crime

Who is Steve Sailer? I'm a reporter, movie critic for The American Conservative, VDARE.com columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.



The Duke Lacrosse Brouhaha and the Hunt for Tom Wolfe's 'Great White Defendant'



"Every assistant D.A. in the Bronx … shared Captain Ahab's mania for the Great White Defendant. For a start, it was not pleasant to go through life telling yourself, 'What I do for a living is, I pack blacks and Latins off to jail.'"

Does Hispanic Immigration Actually Reduce Crime?



If you criticize this NYT op-ed by pointing out that the Hispanic imprisonment rate is 2.9 times the white rate, well, then you are an evil racist and nobody should listen to you. 

The Sinister "Plan of San Diego"



The forgotten story of the President of Mexico's campaign of terrorist raids on America.

The Bill Bennett Brouhaha



All September, ever since the New Orleans Nightmare became evident on September 1st, the hysteria built among the political and media elite over which of them would crack first and mention the elephant in the living room: that blacks have higher average crime rates. Finally, it has burst forth in a spasm of irrational and self-righteous denunciations of former Education Secretary William J. Bennett.

Diversity Emasculates Free Speech Down Under



The presence of a few hundred Sudanese refugees in Australia has intimidated two universities into shutting down discussion of the wisdom of importing more sub-Saharan Africans into Australia. 

New Orleans and "The Color of Crime"



Personally, I am a citizenist… My starting point in analyzing policies is: "What is in the best overall interests of the current citizens of the United States?"

New Orleans, Race, and IQ,



The tragic conundrum is that the young men who could most benefit from serving a hitch in the Army, the decent but not too bright 18-year-olds who are on the knife-edge between getting their act together and falling into a lifetime of drugs and crime, are the ones least likely to make Armed Forces' cognitive cutoff of having an IQ of 92 or above.

The New Orleans Nightmare and Racial Reality



New Orleans should remind us that we still live in a harsh world. The make-believe that passes for public discourse, even at the elite level, simply isn't adequate for protecting American citizens.

John Podhoretz vs. Steve Sailer



While Podhoretz Minor might be an extreme example, he reflects the intellectual decline of neoconservatism from the heroic first generation to the second.

The Wind from the South: Anti-White Populism



A mighty storm is brewing in Latin America, and it will eventually reach the U.S.

Hollywood's Other Obsession: Blond Bad Guys



A couple of decades ago, I began noticing that the leading lady in a movie was almost always fairer-skinned than her leading man.

Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals



That Thomas Sowell hasn't yet won the Nobel Prize for Economic Science reflects more poorly upon the economics profession's infatuation with mathematical formulas than upon Sowell's lifetime achievement. Personally, I've learned more from Sowell than from any other living economist.

Pre-emptive Executions?

American Conservative


Did legalizing abortion in the early ’70s reduce crime in the late ’90s by allowing “pre-emptive capital punishment” of potential troublemakers, as Steven D. Levitt argues in Freakonomics? Or did the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, by outmoding shotgun weddings, adoption, and respect for life, instead make more murderous the early ’90s crack wars fought by the first generation of youths to survive legalized abortion?

Click here for my follow-up responses on abortion-crime.

How Much Ruin in a Nation? Working Class Crime in the UK vs. US



Why have the morals of the white working class in the U.S. proven more resilient than those of their white counterparts in Great Britain?

WSJ's Wrong Answer on UK Math Gender Gap



Britain’s overall crime rate is now substantially worse than that of the U.S. Why?

How to Get Rid of White Racist Prison Gangs



Mapping the Unmentionable: Race & Crime



Color maps showing imprisonment rates by state by race.

Sailer's One-Point Plan for Lessening Racial Enmity



1. Don't Let Your Kids Get Beaten Up by Underclass Minorities.

Malcolm Gladwell  Blinks at Race



A demolition of the #1 bestselling book.

Alberto Gonzales Tortured the Law to Preserve Racial Quotas



Gonzales saved affirmative action in the 2003 University of Michigan cases by gelding the anti-affirmative action briefs written by Ted Olson—the truly tragic figure in this Administration.

The Baby Gap: Explaining Red vs. Blue States

American Conservative


Bush carried the 19 states with the highest white fertility (just as he did in 2000), and 25 out of the top 26. In sharp contrast, Kerry won the 16 states at the bottom of the white fertility list. Background data and graphs, along with reader responses, here.

Perils of Decriminalization

The American Spectator


In Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown, Samuel L. Jackson comes home to find Bridget Fonda lying on the couch, smoking dope, and giggling at the TV. Disgusted, he tells her that marijuana will rob her of her ambitions.

"Not if your ambition is to get high and watch TV," she replies.

A Gypsy is haunting  Europe...



We're not supposed to think about the victims of Gypsy criminals because, after all, crime victims are not real victims -- they are just random human beings, not an organized political pressure group.

Out of the Park: Baseball & Steroids

American Conservative


Have you noticed that a lot of steroid cheaters, alleged and admitted, are jerks? So, do jerks take steroids? Or do steroids make jerks?

The Claremont Reichstag Fire



On March 9, Kerri Dunn, a white female visiting professor of psychology at Claremont McKenna, dramatically announced at anti-"hate" forum that she had just become the victim of a hate crime: her car was covered with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti. Not surprisingly, the police soon announced that Professor Dunn had vandalized her own car.

The Battle of Algiers

American Conservative


Perhaps, though, our soldiers should have shown their civilian overlords “The Battle of Algiers” before the latter blithely decided to occupy an Arab country. For extra verisimilitude, the special-ops boys could have strapped Douglas Feith’s Office of Special Plans ideologue-warriors to their armchairs, pinned their eyelids open, attached electrodes, and applied little jolts of juice to help them remember the movie better. Even without such stimulation, “The Battle of Algiers” is hard to forget but also hard to enjoy.

What Is Bush Thinking?



Steve Sailer would like to announce that he has finally lost all patience with George W. Bush.

Along MLK Street



Jonathan Tilove has created a small coffee-table book called Along Martin Luther King: Travels on Black America's Main Street. The two (white) men visited a sizable fraction of the 650 streets named after Dr. King—and returned with a valuable impressionistic portrait of the blackest streets in black America.

In Praise of In Praise of Nepotism



Brother acts are so fashionable in Hollywood today that somebody should make a movie about a screenwriter who can't get hired in Hollywood until he makes up a fictional brother for himself. I'd write the screenplay myself, except I don't have a brother ... Hey, that gives me an idea...

Bush's Racial Profiling Guidelines



The ritual horror that greets the term "racial profiling" these days is actually testimony to the impressive progress in controlling crime since the anarchic early 1990s.

The Truth about Pim Fortuyn's Assassination



Was the Dutch leader assassinated in 2002 because of one or two sentences he wrote about animal rights or because of his campaign to limit immigration?

Ethnic Crime Mobs



As a movie critic, I see lots of films featuring one of the more common bits of Hollywood hokum: the multicultural criminal gang. You know, there's a white guy, a black guy, an Asian girl, a Sikh, a Lubavitcher, an Amish farmer, a whatever. Do you remember "The Truth About Charlie", "Femme Fatale", "Don't Say a Word", "Atlantis", and "What's the Worst that Could Happen?" You don't? Well, neither did I until I looked them up. And, heck, I reviewed all of them within the last two years. When you see a multiracial gang, you can be pretty sure the overall movie is forgettable.

The Blank Slate Theory of African-American Culture



Almost every author who writes about social issues involving African-Americans appears to know nothing -- and doesn't seem to want to learn anything -- about Africans. In contrast, a musicologist writing on the background of American popular music who willfully ignored African influences would be laughed at, and rightfully so.

Bush's Bakke II Brief: It's Déjà vu All Over Again



Many on the Naïve Right are exulting over the first paragraphs in President Bush's remarks on Wednesday siding against the University of Michigan for using a racial quota admissions system. But (ahem!) didn't the Supreme Court already outlaw "quotas" 25 years ago in the Bakke decision? Fat lot of good that did. And fat lot of good the Administration's "very narrowly tailored" brief to the Supreme Court will do either.

Gangs of New York



Buried deep inside Gangs is the raw material for a great American tragedy about the Irish immigrant experience in New York from 1846 to 1863.

Diversity vs. Freedom: The Truth-Telling Teacher Wins 



Thanks to a public outcry in which my previous article played a small role, Pasadena science teacher Scott Phelps, who had been suspended for pointing out that black students tended to behave worse in class and score worse on tests than other students—has been reinstated.

The Truth-Telling Teacher



You seldom find Caltech grads teaching at tough urban high schools. But for twelve years, Scott Phelps has fought the good fight at Muir High in Pasadena, California. "He is one of the few teachers I believe went to school every day for something other than a paycheck," said Aundre Mathews, a recent graduate who took science from Phelps. Today, though, Scott Phelps is suspended and in danger of losing his job. His crime ...

"Mr. Bush, put up this wall!"



We are constantly told that there is no solution to the problem of illegal immigrants crossing America's largely wide-open 1,800-mile border with Mexico. But the $2 million/mile cost of the new Israeli fence suggests that building a high-tech security barricade from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico would be a bargain: only $3.6 billion.

Fortuyn: Demonization Has Consequences



Do the left, center, and the "respectable" right have Pim Fortuyn's blood on their hands?

Ultimate Euphemism for Illegal Alien



Although one should never underestimate the imagination of those interests trying to condone or encourage lawbreakers, they will be hard-pressed to ever top the Orwellian perfection of their latest term for foreign nationals who are illegally in the U.S. ...

Conversation with a Russian Immigrant VDARE.com 8/22/01
Vladimir: "But, Mr. Sailer, I want to ask you question. I come here from Russia and I look around me at people in America. I see things, I see patterns. I watch sport shows on TV, too. I notice patterns there, too. Then, I read newspapers. Nobody writes about patterns I see with my eyes. Are Americans hallucinating?

San Francisco Chronicle: Those Damn WHAMs 



How can San Francisco's Asian American transgendered bisexual community feel affirmed without their own Board Member? (Of course, San Francisco also needs a new word to replace "Member." That term is terribly insensitive to San Franciscans who have gone to great expense to have themselves dis-membered.)

Why Multiculturalism and Democracy don't mix (Balkans case study) VDARE.com 10/30/00

Democracy is what caused the mess in the Balkans. Multiculturalism works fine ... under a real dictator, like Tito. He had multiethnic Yugoslavia locked down tight, nice and peaceful. But when the inhabitants got more say in their lives, they started killing each other. They wanted democracy. But they knew that to have it, they needed mono-ethnic states.

Bore vs. Gush on Racial Profiling VDARE.com 10/26/00

This "debate" over racial profiling shows how utterly divorced American political discourse has become from personal reality. Every single person who lives in a diverse part of the country racially profiles every other pedestrian as he walks down the street at night. Jesse Jackson notoriously admitted that he does exactly that - and sighs with relief when he finds that the footsteps following him don't belong to a young black male.

Part 1: Mexico's Corrupt White Elite



"By providing a safety valve that drains off Mexico's most desperate young brown men, our lax borders have allowed Mexico's most avaricious old white men to loot their nation with impunity. In the U.S., this mestizo influx generates ever greater quotas and set-asides designed to propel their climb in American society. In contrast, in Mexico all the best jobs in government, industry, and academia are becoming ever more segregated.
Did Abortion Prevent Crime?

Great Slate Debate: Steven Levitt vs. Steve Sailer



I debate with the coauthor of the much discussed study claiming that legalizing abortion in the Seventies lowered crime in the Nineties.

My National Post op-ed on abortion and crime

National Post


Also, Columns by Mona Charen (in 300 newspapers) and Robert J. Samuelson (on Newsweek's back page) about our debate.

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